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Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz

Ayurveda is based on the theory of Tridoshas. This theory explains how the five elements air, fire, water, earth and ether, which make up physical creation, energetically combine to determine the fundamental nature of the individual. In the Tridosha theory, the three vital energies, vata, pitta and kapha govern how a person responds, both psychologically and physically, to the environment.

To determine your Ayurvedic Dosha, please fill out the questionnaire. Your choices are based on what you observe is most consistent over a period of time, rather than your present state. Make the choice that best describes you, or that is the least unlike you if you feel none of them are exact reflections.

Body type I have a thin build and a low body weight. I have trouble gaining weight. I have a medium build with an average body weight. I can gain weight but also lose it quickly. I build muscle easily. I have a large build and my weight is on the heavier side. I gain weight easily and find it hard to lose.
Skin type My skin is thin textured and dry. I have sensitive, combination skin that may become easily inflamed. My skin is thick textured and oily.
Hair type My hair is thin, dry, brittle and knots easily. My hair colour may be dark; either black or brown. My hair is fine, soft and is prone to hair loss. My hair colour may be red, blonde or grey. My hair is luxuriant, thick, oily and curly or wavy. I may have dark brown or dark black coloured hair.
Eyes My eyes are small, active, dry, and I blink frequently. My eye colour may be brown or black. My eyes are sensitive to light and I have sharp vision. I may have green, grey or hazel coloured eyes. I have large eyes and a calm gaze. My eyes are likely blue in colour.
Joints My joints are thin and make frequent cracking noises. I have moderately sized joints. I have well lubricated, large joints.
Appetite My appetite is irregular in frequency and magnitude. Sometimes I am not hungry at all while sometimes I feel starving. I have a strong appetite and if I skip meals I may become irritated. My appetite is regular and steady. I can afford to skip meals if I choose to.
Thirst My thirst is variable. Sometimes I am thirsty, sometimes I am not. I need water regularly otherwise I am thirsty. I have a sparse need for water. I rarely ever feel thirsty.
Temperament I would describe myself as outgoing, vivacious, social and talkative. I am ambitious, I like to be in control and I can be quite intense at times. I would describe myself as being laid back, caring and reserved.
Emotional response When I am stressed, I become anxious and fearful. When I am stressed, I can get quite angry and annoyed. When I am stressed, I can become withdrawn and possessive.
Mental activity I have an active mind. My short term memory is good but I am quick to forget. My mind is moderately active. I have a medium level of retaining information but it is very accurate. My mind is generally quite calm. I am slow to remember but when I do remember I never forget.
Environment I feel the cold easily and I prefer a warm environment. I am intolerant of heat and I prefer a cool environment. I am not fond of humidity or wet weather.
Sleep My sleep tends to be short and broken. I am a light sleeper. I am a reasonably sound sleeper. My sleep is deep and long. I like to take my time to get out of bed in the morning.