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Mentone 500ml
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Mentone 500ml

Code 135 Suitable for vegansNon-gluten contentNon-lactose contentNot tested on animals

Men's Health

Mentone is a specifically formulated herbal and mineral tonic designed to help make life more comfortable for men. Mentone is a herbal and mineral tonic that balances and supports normal male physiology and function. It is also a blood tonic, helping to maintain normal blood.

Mentone aids in the treatment of fluid retention and assists in the maintenance or improvement of general well-being.

Mentone is a cold percolation extract.

Non-gluten/Non-lactose formula
Suitable for vegans

Each 10mL dose contains

  • taraxacum officinale root (dandelion root) 110mg
  • galium aparine (clivers) herb 100mg
  • crataegus laevigata fruit (hawthorn) 80mg
  • tabebula impetiginosa (pau d’arco) stem bark 70mg
  • cynara scolymus leaf (globe artichoke) 60mg
  • arctium lappa root (burdock root) 50mg
  • serenoa serrulata fruit (saw palmetto) 65mg
  • hydrangea arborescens root (hydrangea) 40mg
  • zinc gluconate 69.69mg
  • potassium citrate 55.56
  • ferrous gluconate (iron) 12mg
  • ethanol 43.75mcL/mL
  • hydroxybenzoates
  • Take 10mL daily. Best taken half an hour before meals.
    Use as directed on the label, or ask a SAFE™ naturopath.

    Do not take if pregnant or lactating.
    Do not take while on medication for blood pressure or antidiuretic medication.

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    Suitable for vegetarians
    Suitable for vegans
    Suitable for pescatarians
    Non-gluten content
    Non-lactose content
    Not tested on animals

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