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Laundry Powder 5kg
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Laundry Powder 5kg

Code 605 Suitable for vegansPhosphate freeNot tested on animals


Phosphate free to protect our environment. The SAFE™ alternative - kind to the environment and kind to your budget. Charged with oxygen to deliver a white and bright wash without harming our most precious resource - nature! The fresh aroma is from Australian eucalyptus oil, which is also prized for its grease cutting properties. EcoSafe Laundry Powder Concentrate contains the highest amount of active ingredients that can be packed into a laundry powder - there are no fillers to 'pad out' this economical product; with enzymes to remove proteins and blood; a chlorine scavenger for town water; and an anti-redeposition agent to keep dirt in suspension to prevent it from re-settling on fabric.

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Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegans
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Non-gluten content
Non-lactose content
Not tested on animals

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